What’s the difference of Air Jordan 1 and Dunk series shoes?

Firstly, the AJ1 is a basketball shoes named after the Air Jet cushion system, which was firstly released by Nike in 1985. Its upper is made of synthetic leather and secured with straps and laces. The AJ1’s appearance and design are relatively simple, without too many decorations, so it is suitable for casual or sportswear. Dunk is a skate shoe created by Nike that was originally designed specifically for skateboarders. Its upper is thicker, the appearance is more awkward, but it’s very resistant to wear.

The AJ1 uses Air Jet cushion technology, which reduces the impact of ground reaction on the ankles and knees, thereby improving wearing comfort and protecting the feet. Dunk doesn’t use this technology, so it’s not as comfortable as the AJ1. In addition, the AJ1 has a rubber outsole, which increases friction and makes it easier to stop.

The topline and inner sleeve of AJ1 are made of high-grade sponge material, which has a strong softness. And its appearance has a horizontal embossed layer, which can make the shoes looks more pretty. The rubber outsole of Dunk has poor wear resistance, it is also a little stiff. In addition, the shoe-pad of AJ1 is an air cushion gasket, which can reduce the impact on the foot.

AJ1 and Dunk series shoes have many obvious difference. For the appearance, AJ1 uses classic Jumpman logo, and Dunk series shoes use NIKE Swoosh logo. The shoe upper of AJ1 is high version, and dunk is low version.

For the technology, AJ1 uses several technologies, such as air cushion, carbon fiber supporting plate and rubber outsole etc. to improve the comfort level and stability. And Dunk shoes emphasis on lightweight and flexibility, it doesn’t uses too much technology.

Anyway, AJ1 and Dunk serie shoes have difference on the appearance, technology, comfort level and usage, but both of them have their characteristics and advantages. If you like classic styles, AJ1 is undoubtedly the best choice. If you like lightweight and flexibile shoes, Dunk low shoes are better choice.

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