Unboxing & Closed Look: Nike Zoom Fly 5

After entering the carbon plate era, Nike is almost a monopoly, but the price of the top level model is indeed not affordable for ordinary consumers. I just purchased a pair of Nike Zoom Fly 5 running shoes. It’s affordable, not expensive. I purchased it for trying NIKE carbon plate running shoes and daily training. Let’s have a look at it today.

The appearance of Nike Zoom Fly 5 is classic NIKE carbon plate running shoes. The sole is thick.

The upper of Nike Zoom Fly 5 is double layer design. The upper layer is tatting upper, and the inner layer is jaca upper. The overall design is closed to the style of jogging sneakers. The tatting upper is mixed with TPU material wire, which reinforce the tenacity and strength. It improves the supporting performance. There are many dense mesh on the vamp. Especially in the middle foot position, the internal tapping is larger, and it is the area with the strongest permeability of the entire vamp.

The center of the shoe tongue made a “Nike Zoom Fly 5” identity, and a shoe tongue anti-deflection design was also made on the shoe tongue. The padding of the tongue and the upper is not much, but the shoe heel is tight. The shoelace perforation design is relatively simple, and the edge of the shoelace hole is also made of thermal bonding reinforcement design. The built-in counter on the shoe heel is not stiff, and it’s thin and flexible, but it seems to provide the necessary protection and support, and this position also has a “RUNNING” logo. The vamp of Nike Zoom Fly 5 is light between racing shoes and ordinary running shoes, but the vamp has a certain toughness and fastness. The softness,fitness and air permeability of vamp is good. The style should be closer to jogging shoes, rather than racing shoes type vamp.

The most important point of Nike Zoom Fly 5 is the midsole. The thickness of front sole is 32mm and the heelpiece is 40mm. The drop height is 8mm. The midsole is made of SR02 foaming material, ZOOM X foaming material and full-length carbon plate. The shoe-pad of Nike Zoom Fly 5 is made of ZOOM foaming material. There is a piece of carbon plate in the Zoom X foaming material. The carbon plate can bring more resilience and propulsion.

The outsole of Nike Zoom Fly 5 uses deep and dense longitudinal pattern.

The unit weight of US8.5 Nike Zoom Fly 5 is about 273g.

From the overall design of Nike Zoom Fly 5 running shoes, it retains the design concept and style of Nike carbon plate running shoes. Although the material configuration has been declined, but in general, it can still let ordinary runners experience the essence of Nike carbon shoes, as a daily training shoes, whether the cost or performance, it is worth a try.

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