The Performance Review of Nike Ja 1

Since entering the league, Jia Morant has attracted numerous fans with his violent playing style, and even once became one of the most highly expected new generation stars in the NBA league.

Nike launched a new signature shoe for Morant, JA 1, making him the first new generation of players to have Nike signature shoes in recent years.

NIKE JA1 uses a full-length foam cushioning system to provide excellent cushioning performance. The engineering mesh design increases the air permeability and comfort of the shoes. Wear-resistant rubber outsole provides excellent traction performance. The Nike Ja 1 offers a variety of colorways and sizes to suit different foot types and need.


  1. Very comfortable: The full-length foam cushioning system provides soft and resilient support to the feet, making it comfortable to wear for a long time.
  2. Good air permeability: The engineering mesh design offers excellent air permeability.
  3. Excellent traction performance: The durable rubber outsole improves the traction performance and helps to provide stable support on different court.
  4. NIKE JA1 is worthy to be collected.


  1. The design is simple. Although it has several colorways for your choice, but the design is tradtional, not creative.
  2. The durability needs to be improved. Comparing with other basketball shoes, the durability of NIKE JA1 is not so good.

NIKA JA1 is very comfortable for me. The cushion system won’t make you feel tired after long-distance walking or exercising. Meanwhile, the air permeability is great, it keeps me dry in the wet season. For the traction performance, it’s stable when jumping or running. Although its design is traditional, but it still attracts many basketball fans.

The cushion performance, air permeability and traction performance of Nike JA 1 performs is excellent. However, in terms of style design, it is not as attractive as some of the innovative styles of other brands. In addition, the Nike Ja 1’s relatively high price may lead some consumers to consider other options that are more cost-effective.

Overall, the Nike Ja 1 is worth trying. It has excellent cushion performance, air permeability and traction performance, providing a comfortable experience for the wearers. Although the style design is relatively traditional, its collection value cannot be ignored. If you are a basketball fan or need a high-cushioned, breathable sneaker, the Nike Ja 1 is a good choice. However, if you are more focused on innovation in style design and price/performance, you may consider other products.

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