The Configuration of New Balance TWO WXY V4

New Balance’s TWO WXY series team basketball shoes is going to release the fourth generation. The former gold nugget champion guard Jamal Murray first revealed the appearance of the shoes in SLAM magazine, and now the TWO WXY V4 has finally welcomed the official news.

The first released color of New Balance TWO WXY V4 is ‘Duablism’ black/white colorway. The shoe tree and upper uses different materials. The knitted position reduce the weight.

Except the upper material, TWO WXY V4 insole uses FuelCell and Fresh Foam two cushion technology, which is the first time that New Balance uses this configuration on the basketball shoes. Trent Caspe, manager of the brand’s basketball design department, said that combining two key technologies, FuelCell and Fresh Foam, the TWO WXY V4 is a pair of shoes that helps players reach new heights of performance.

The TWO WXY V4 outsole according to the color partition, there are two different patterns, it pays more attention to horizontal movement now, the New Balance TWO WXY V4 can bring good traction performance.

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