Nike VaporFly NEXT% 2 Performance Review

Nike VaporFly NEXT% 2 is currently the strongest racing professional running shoes. The shoe shape is very streamlined, the upper is made of Vaporweave material, it’s very breathable. The midsole has clip-type carbon plate, which improve the stable support when running. The full-length Zoom air cushion offers top-level cushion performance.

This pair of shoes is not suitable for everyone. Although the upper keeps the good air permeability, but its support is not good. To improve the race, the shoe heel is added with foam padding to fix the heel, but it should be easy to sprain the ankle. And the midsole uses ZoomX cushion, the durability is not good enough. So if you are not good at running, we suggest you not to choose it, it’s not a good choice for you.

But if you are professional runners, it’s the best choice of Nike running shoes for you.

Vaporfly Next% 2 is not suitable for jogging. Due to the resilience of ZoomX and the propulsion of carbon plate, it will push you to run forward. If you want to choose a pair of running shoes for jogging, we recommend ZoomX Lnvincible.

For advanced runners:

As the top and most popular pair of marathon racing shoes at present, I think there is no need to elaborate too much on its foot feeling, most runners should know its performance to run a nearly 3km, the pace of 3.50.

It’s very comfortable when running. The resilience of ZoomX and the propulsion of carbon plate are great. It’s smilar to Alpha and ZOOM Fly 4. It’s more comfortable than Zoom Fly 4, but the durability of react is better than ZoomX cushion.

The durability and center of gravity of Nike VaporFly NEXT% 2 is a problem.  It’s a excellent pair of running shoes for professional runners. But it may have the risk to sprain feet when doing some functional training.

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