Jordan Luka 2 Performance Review

After five NBA seasons, Doncic continues to step forward. Every successful step back is Doncic defeating himself and completing the process of constantly surpassing himself.

The appearance of Luka 2 still continues the design style of last generation. It uses low version with lateral TPU supporing structure. It just changed the shape and size of TPU plate.

The upper of Jordan Luka 2 is higher than Luka 1. It’s made of thick fabric and leather. The supporting performance and strength is great.


The brand-new upgraded IsoPlate system upturning to the side of insole and combines with the foam. It can offer the necessary balance and supporting performance for the users on lateral movement.

The insole uses full-length Formula 23 cushion technology. With the Cushlon 3.0 foam on the inner side of shoes, the cushion performance is great. They are also very comfortable.

The outsole of Luka 2 uses the same pattern as Luka 1. The crystal outsole is pretty. I love it. It’s suitable for most of people. I suggest to wear them to play basketball on indoor woodfloor court.

The unit weight of EUR45/US11 is about 449g. The weight is acceptable.

The shades of purple and pink is pretty.

The shoe tongue has Doncic’s personal logo.

The Latin words “Non Desistas” and “Non Exieris” on Doncic’s left arm are also printed on the shoe heels, meaning “never give up, never give in.”

The inner side and outboard size of midsole and outsole has Jumpman logo.   

Below is my review for the performance of Jordan Luka 2:

They fit me well, true to size. The shoe tree is standard, it won’t oppress my instep. They are suitable for most of foot types. The center of gravity is lower than Luka 1.

The cushion performance is great. The sole is not too stiff, also not too soft. The rigidity of shoe heel is good. It’s stable when jumping to the ground.

My foot is narrow type, so the half-sole is a little loose for me. But the fitness of middle position is great. The shoe tongue is thickened. It’s comfortable. The fitness is good, but it’s more suitable for the users with wide feet.


The rigidity is good. Due to the ISOPLATE supporting system, the anti-torsion performance is great.

Both of the air permeability and strength of upper are good. It’s not too hot when wearing them in Summer.

The traction performance of Luka 2 is great as Luka 1. You can stop when you want. It won’t be easy to slide.

The disadvantage of outsole is easy to absorb dust.

The center of gravity is not high. And with the ISOPLATE supporting system, it’s stable and comfortable when running.

The anti-rollover performance of Luka 2 is excellent. The insole has extension. The outsole has covered edge and anti-rollover design. The strength of upper is high.

The overall performance of Luka 2 is great. Jordan Luka 2 has been improved a lot. It’s very suitable for Doncic. It’s a pair of nice basketball shoes.

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