Air Jordan 38 Performance Review

Today, I would like to share with you the feeling of AJ 38 unboxing and reviews.

Shoe size introduction:

First of all, I usually wear the standard slim feet of NIKE US42.5 size. AJ Genuine 37 is suitable for us to wear 42 (longer and wider).

AJ38 is size 41. I wear ordinary casual socks. The inner length of size 41 does not squeeze my feet, but there is no room. Therefore, I personally think that AJ38 is still a size 42 for basketball socks (the inner length is still too long).

Material feel of shoes:

Observe this shoe in the material configuration. The upper consists of three materials. The toe is made of soft leather. The padding inside the shoe is also very sufficient, even if it is bent, it will not get stuck.

The woven surface used in the middle of the upper is different in thickness and has mesh, but it does not get stuck. The upper seems to use some similar flying wire materials to make the width and fit of the sole of the foot good.

Performance introduction:

The heel of the shoe is made of engineering mesh, and the probe plate is very large. The inner padding of the shoe is very rich, and there is no experience of pinching the feet. The foot feels very comfortable.

The binding used in the shoelaces is the fast binding system of AJ11 shoes. Such straps are very convenient to wear and drag. And the comfort is very high, not pinching the feet.

The midsole of the shoe uses a double-density EVA plus a full-length ZoomStrobel air cushion. This device makes the thickness of the sole very soft, just like the feel and foot feel of EVA supercritical foam.

The static experience of the shoes is very comfortable. Of course, the dynamic air cushion is not inferior. What’s more worth mentioning is that the rebound feeling provided by the sole is very surprising. Next let me introduce the functions provided by various devices in detail. The red EVA near the outsole of the shoe is relatively soft. He allows the shoe to absorb the rebound of the air cushion when it hits the ground, effectively acting as a shock absorber. The black EVA is the support frame of the sneakers. His hardness is very strong, and the support provided is also very strong.

The keel drop of the sole is not big, but the center of gravity of the sneakers seems to be slightly higher. The center of gravity design of this shoe is more like a striker team shoe style. Also, the outsole of the shoe is flat. The shoes are additionally designed with anti-rollover corners, which greatly improves the safety of the shoes. At the same time, the bending area of ​​the forefoot of the shoe is designed with grooves, so that the design can better improve the feeling of rebound and propulsion when the air cushion is pressed during sports.

The arch support of the shoe can only be clearly felt although it is not strong. The grip performance of the herringbone crystal outsole on the sole should not overturn. After all, the floor of the hotel I am in is still sticky.

Summary of personal feelings:

In addition, although the stability of the whole pair of shoes is relatively stable, there is still a lot of space inside the shoes to allow the feet to move when doing some kicking and stretching exercises after wearing them.

The lateral safety of the shoe body depends on the support of the air cushion. I feel that in addition to the durability of the air cushion, if this pair of AJ38 can continue the discount of 37, it should be able to become an all-round striker team shoe like the HD series back then. Its sales will certainly not be bad.

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