Adidas Trae Young 3 Performance Review

Recently, the Adidas signature basketball shoes are fresh and different with previous generations, such as Hardon Vol. 7, Trae Young 3 and D.O.N. Issue #5. And Trae Young 3 have been changed a lot. Not only the midsole firstly uses the new material Composite Foam, and it also changes the Trae Young’s personal logo.

The appearance of Trae Young 3 is concise. But it has some interesting details, for example, the adidas three-line logo on the shoe head is specially placed inward, which gives us a small surprise when the head looks down at the shoe, and also on the shoe head, the knitted fabric makes three line marks through the color arrangement, representing both the adidas logo and the third generation signature shoes.

Signature shoes are the embodiment of a spokesperson’s style and character, and the Trae Young 3 is no exception. I don’t know if you have noticed that almost the vamp of every colorway so far is presented in a gradient effect, which was inspired by designer Jalal Enayah when he watched the Trae Young game. The adidas design team tried to create the same impression with the Trae Young 3 when it was propelled at full speed.

At the same time, the irregular concave and convex structure of the outsole is based on the movement data of Trae Young himself, which may not achieve everyone’s needs, but is it not closer to the experience of Trae Young? As Austin Coupe, senior manager of adidas Basketball’s product innovation team, said to him, “This was your data.”


The inner length and width of shoe tree of Trae Young 2 & 3 is almost the same. Trae Young 2 uses knitted structure and the length of shoes is low, it’s easy to oppress the instep. Trae Young 3 uses half inner-sleeve design, so you can adjust the fitness. But the shoe tongue is thin, so it can’t fasten the shoelaces too tight.


Trae Young 3 fills the padding in the heel and top end of shoe tongue. But when running, the heel is easy to slide, I think that it’s due to the big shoe collar. If it can adds a couple of shoelace holes, it can adjust the shoe collar and improve the fitness.


It’s the first time that Composite foam is used on the basketball shoes. So it’s one of the big characteristics of Trae Young 3. The resilient feedback is better than Bounce, and it’s more solid than Boost and Lightstrike. The cushioning feedback is fast.

Traction Performance:

Originally thought that the outsole spherical protruding structure will be some adaptation, but it turns out that it is just a visual psychological effect, basically no running-in period! The classic herringbone pattern provides good traction performance. But the pattern gap is easy to absorb dust, need to be cleaned frequently.

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