The Characteristics of Adidas D.O.N. Issue #5 

Adidas and NBA Cavaliers ace guard Donovan Mitchell launched the fifth generation of personal signature shoes D.O.N. Issue #5 this seaso. The new D.O.N. Issue #5 combines Donovan Mitchell’s firm perseverance on the court and the spirit of continuous breakthrough. Each color scheme is infused with Donovan Mitchell’s personal characteristic.

Donovan Mitchell’s 5th generation signature Combat boot D.O.N. Issue #5

The new D.O.N. Issue #5 builds on the incredible career of Donovan Mitchell and doubles down on the original performance settings to provide players with strong support:

1.LIGHTSTRIKE: The midsole is fully upgraded, and the forefoot soleuses LIGHTSTRIKE technology to provide lightweight and resilient energy. The rear sole is added to the advanced LIGHTSTRIKE STROBEL, which not only offers excellent cushion performance, but also maintains the explosive power of speed.

2.TPU supporting plate and protective cover: the TPU supporting plate is added in the midsole to provide stability and absolute anti-torsion performance. The TPU protective cover at the back of the shoe can also stabilize the pace and improve the protection of high speed and horizontal movement.

3. Upper: The burrito type covering design is adopted, and the high-performance mesh material is used, and the breathable design at the toe is matched to provide enough breathable comfort even under strong protection performance.

D.O.N. Issue #5 released three colors firstly, and the eye-catching colors were infused with Donovan Mitchell’s characteristics. The first color, ‘Blue Sapphire’, was based on sapphire color with three black lines and red. It reveals Mitchell’s understated yet eye-catching performance.

The ‘Shadow Spida’ uses black and white shoes as the main axis, just like the picture of the hero and the enemy intertwine and fight each other in the movie, just like the competition arena where Donovan Mitchell and his opponents compete and strive to break through.

The ‘Purple Bloom’ is decorated with the main color purple upper, black laces and lining, while three white lines are added to the side of the shoe to show elegance.

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